Birth Assistants

A competent, caring, trained assistant attends each birth along with the midwife. One of these lovely women will be assigned to attend your birth. Get to know them each a little here and then look forward to meeting YOUR birth assistant at at a prenatal visit toward the end of your pregnancy. 


Lauren Estes

Lauren and her family keep St.Augustine as their "home-base" while they enjoy traveling, soaking up different cultures and slowing down in nature as much as possible.  Lauren seeks to live a life aligned with her passions.  

Birth and natural family living are two passions that led her to meet Jacinda and continue on to birth work.  At a young age Lauren became intrigued with the power of the body and the process of natural childbirth and began learning about alternatives to mainstream "healthcare".  Years later, in 2004, when she became pregnant she knew that she wanted to give birth on her own terms. Lauren’s three daughters were all lovingly brought earthside in their home. Trusting birth was the most empowering experience of her life, one that she wishes for all women who desire it. Along with her own births, Lauren has also attended other home births, with roles ranging from doula, videographer, to assisting midwives.

  Aside from being a mother and wife (her most valued roles), Lauren also finds joy in practicing herbalism which is gratefully transitioning from a useful hobby to a deeper study and platform for helping others.


Megan Soto

Megan Soto moved to St. Augustine in 2007 and is a mom to three rambunctious kiddos. She has a degree in Psychology from UCF and launched her photograph business in 2014 with a focus on birth and family photography. Megan has given birth fully medicated in the hospital and uninhibited in her home. Her variety of experiences with birth in her life, and behind her lens, have moved her to lift up moms so they know they are capable and supported in their births, no matter where they fall on the spectrum. Megan is excited to be attending births with Jacinda and River City Homebirth!


Sunny burns

Sunny Burns calls St. Augustine her home with her husband and their two year old daughter. She loves all things outdoors! So much so, that she and her family literally live outside in a funky, cool camper and deck that is completely screened in. A simple lifestyle that allows her family to live more intently, allows her wanderlust spirit to travel, and ultimately allows Sunny to pursue her passions more freely! Which besides being a mother herself, maternity care and more specifically, home birth midwifery care, is her passion! Sunny discovered this passion when her husband shared his mother's birth stories of him and his two brothers- all three born at home! Despite initially thinking it to be absolutely out of this world crazy, her deep curiosity led her to research which ultimately led her to midwifery school! She attended the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery (a 3 year direct entry midwifery program) from 2014-2015 where she met Jacinda who served as an invaluable student mentor to her! Sunny spent her clinical hours at Growing Families Birth Center in St. Augustine where she got to attend and assist over 20 out-of-hospital births (including her own daughter's birth born gently at home) and countless pre and postnatal visits. Upon the birth of her daughter, Sunny decided to step away from midwifery school and stay home with her baby, which she testifies has been her greatest "education"! That being said, she could not be more excited and more grateful to get back in the birth world and especially be a part of your journey at River City Homebirth!