What is a Midwife?

A Florida Licensed Midwife is a direct-entry, Certified Professional Midwife who has completed a three-year midwifery education program and passed the North American Registry of Midwives national exam. Licensed Midwives are certified in CPR, neonatal resuscitation, administration of routine antibiotics and antihemorrhagics, and evaluating routine vital signs. Licensed midwives practice independently, providing comprehensive, holistic, evidence-based maternity care to healthy, low-risk women in an out-of-hospital setting.




Comprehensive prenatal care in your own home

 Routine prenatal visits, monitoring the health of mama and baby

Blood work and laboratory testing

Referral for ultrasound

60 - 90 minute visits

Individualized education

Nutritional counseling



Labor & Birth Assistance

On call 24-7 beginning at 37 weeks

Monitoring well-being of mama and baby during labor, birth & postpartum

Water birth, active birth, birth freedom

NRP & CPR certified

Comprehensive newborn exam

Breastfeeding Support



Postpartum & Newborn Care

Six weeks of mother-baby care

Lactation counseling & breastfeeding support

Newborn metabolic screen

Pediatrician & hearing screen referrals

Birth certificate & Social Security Card

Postpartum labs

Family planning counseling



My Global Fee: $5500

The fee for midwifery services during the course of your pregnancy, birth, & six weeks postpartum is $5500. This fee includes the services listed above and the peace of mind that you will have complete continuity of care

Not included in this fee

 Ultrasounds | Lab fees | Birth Kit | Fees incurred by seeing physicians or hospitals | 

Fees incurred from other sources in the event of transfer


Home birth and midwifery services are covered by Medicaid, private insurance, and Health Share Programs.
Currently we are neither medicaid providers nor in-network with any private insurance companies. however, We will happily assist you in determining what your insurance will cover and we offer accessible payment plans for all Eligible clients. Please contact us with further questions.